NRS #LockdownLearning

Online Learning Resources Our archives, records and statistics can tell us fascinating stories about the past and the present while offering a glimpse into the future. Although we’re unable to deliver our usual talks and workshops at present, our online resources can assist with teaching all ages, from primary and secondary pupils to college/university students … Continue reading NRS #LockdownLearning

Accuracy and Fidelity: Scotland’s District Examiners

There are 678 Registrars in Scotland and they record around 140,000 "life events" every year. These include births, still births, marriages, civil partnerships, and deaths, and National Records of Scotland have been safeguarding these records since compulsory registration was introduced in 1855. That's a lot of records, and what many people don't know is that … Continue reading Accuracy and Fidelity: Scotland’s District Examiners