“Stench, Corruption and Filth”: The Leith Plague of 1645

Empty streets, self isolation, physical distancing...  Not scenes from 2020 as you might expect but Leith in 1645, the year the bubonic plague ravaged the port and killed over half of its population. Scotland was no stranger to the plague. The country had suffered waves of the disease ever since the time of the Black … Continue reading “Stench, Corruption and Filth”: The Leith Plague of 1645

The “Radical Rising” of 1820, Part One

Conserving the Evidence of a Revolution NRS archivist Simon Johnson and conservator Jackie Thorburn recently collaborated on a six-month project to improve public access to the trial papers of the Scottish ‘Radical Rising’ of 1820. This facilitates our plans to mark the 200th anniversary of the Rising in September 2020. In the first of two … Continue reading The “Radical Rising” of 1820, Part One

Producing Sub-Council Area Population Projections

A support package is now available on the NRS website to help you to generate your own sub-council area projections. This work was funded by NRS and delivered in partnership with Professor Ludi Simpson (Manchester University) and Dr Alan Marshall (Edinburgh University). Why produce sub-council area projections? NRS routinely produce population projections at Scotland and … Continue reading Producing Sub-Council Area Population Projections

NRS #LockdownLearning

Online Learning Resources Our archives, records and statistics can tell us fascinating stories about the past and the present while offering a glimpse into the future. Although we’re unable to deliver our usual talks and workshops at present, our online resources can assist with teaching all ages, from primary and secondary pupils to college/university students … Continue reading NRS #LockdownLearning

#LockdownLearning – Preserving Your Papers

The National Register of Archives for Scotland (NRAS) was set up in 1946 to compile a record of collections of private papers in Scotland, to encourage their care and to make information about them available to researchers and others. Today, Dr Alison Rosie of NRAS provides some helpful advice on how you can preserve your … Continue reading #LockdownLearning – Preserving Your Papers

From Arbroath to Edinburgh – The Declaration of Arbroath at 700

On 6 April, National Records of Scotland is celebrating the 700th anniversary of the most famous and iconic document in their collections – the Declaration of Arbroath. Linda Ramsay is responsible for preserving the Declaration of Arbroath for future generations. She told us that this world-famous document has been a constant in her life since … Continue reading From Arbroath to Edinburgh – The Declaration of Arbroath at 700