Christmas: Banned in Scotland!

Christmas is now well established in Scotland as a time for giving, enjoying the company of loved ones, decorating the Christmas tree and of course, indulging in some Christmas feasting! But until relatively recently, Scotland did not celebrate Christmas, at least, not openly. For over 400 years, Christmas was frowned upon in Scotland and its … Continue reading Christmas: Banned in Scotland!

Population projections and depopulation across Scotland

NRS have published the latest Population Projections for Scottish Areas. They are based on the latest mid-2016 population estimates and provide an indication of the future population size and age structure of Scottish areas based on a set of assumptions about future fertility, mortality and migration. The projections show that overall, the population of Scotland … Continue reading Population projections and depopulation across Scotland

Scotland’s Changing Population

National Records of Scotland (NRS) today publishes ‘Scotland’s Population 2016 – the Registrar General’s Annual Review of Demographic Trends’, alongside an infographic booklet which summarises the key trends in Scotland’s population. Tim Ellis, the Registrar General of Scotland, said: “The population of Scotland is at its highest ever at 5.4 million. It has grown by … Continue reading Scotland’s Changing Population