Accuracy and Fidelity: Scotland’s District Examiners

There are 678 Registrars in Scotland and they record around 140,000 "life events" every year. These include births, still births, marriages, civil partnerships, and deaths, and National Records of Scotland have been safeguarding these records since compulsory registration was introduced in 1855. That's a lot of records, and what many people don't know is that … Continue reading Accuracy and Fidelity: Scotland’s District Examiners

Scotland’s Changing Population

  Demographic information about Scotland’s population Today we’ve published ‘Scotland’s Population 2018 - The Registrar General’s Annual Review of Demographic Trends’, and here our statisticians explain the key findings in the report. How is Scotland’s population changing? Scotland’s population has continued to increase and now stands at a record high of 5.44 million. Since 2008, … Continue reading Scotland’s Changing Population

From the NRS Archives: The Douglas Cause

Heir Hunters, 18th century style 250 years ago today, Britain was gripped by a scandalous court case that divided the nation. On one side: those who supported Archibald Douglas as the legal heir to his uncle, the Duke of Douglas. Ranged against them, those supporting the rival claim of the Duke of Hamilton, who believed … Continue reading From the NRS Archives: The Douglas Cause

The ‘Iolaire’ Disaster 1 January 1919

The Admirality yacht HMY Iolaire under the name "Amalthaea", Ness Historical Society, via Wikimedia CommonsThe first day of the New Year of 1919 brought tragedy to the Island of Lewis, when the naval yacht ‘Iolaire’ crashed onto rocks in the approaches to the harbour of Stornoway. Of the official total of 284 naval crew and … Continue reading The ‘Iolaire’ Disaster 1 January 1919