Chocolate in the census

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we have uncovered a luxury selection of chocolate references in the 1921 census.

From ‘chocolate coverers’ to ‘chocolate stampers’, and ‘chocolate pipers’ to ‘chocolate dippers’: with the 1921 census being the first to record employer’s names, it is interesting to learn of all the small and not so small businesses that were around in the 1920s.

One company name that many of us will recognise is RS McColl. The census records reveal a Sarah Leonard, 20 years’ old,  employed by them as a ‘chocolate coverer’.

Crown copyright, National Records of Scotland, 1921 Census 644/7/4, page 27

While sisters Mary (21) and Margaret Harkins (14) worked for Pullars Confectionary Works, Mary’s occupation was ‘chocolate dipping’ and Margaret a ‘sweetie worker’.

Lachlanina Chisholm was 16 when she was employed by Carsons Ltd, Chocolate Manufacturers as a ‘chocolate stamper’. Carsons were based in Bridgeton, close to where Lachlanina lived at 160 French Street. Some of her neighbours were work colleagues including Jessie Larkins who lived at 136 French Street and who was a ‘chocolate coverer’ and Elizabeth Roy who lived at 14 Trafalgar Street and her job was a ‘stamper up’.

Crown copyright, National Records of Scotland, 1921 Census 644/1/28, page 4

A search for both Pullars Confectionary Works and Carsons Ltd has gleaned little information so it is good to see these business recorded in the archive.

Don’t forget to treat your loved ones to some chocolates this Valentines day!

Maureen McIntyre

National Records of Scotland

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