Ethel Moorhead – ‘Scottish Leader of the Suffragettes’

National Records of Scotland (NRS) holds a wealth of records about suffragette activities in Scotland, including their prosecution, imprisonment, newspaper reports and cases of force-feeding. In 2018 we celebrated the centenary of some women gaining the parliamentary vote with the exhibition 'Malicious Mischief? Women's Suffrage in Scotland'. As part of the exhibition, a mini-website was … Continue reading Ethel Moorhead – ‘Scottish Leader of the Suffragettes’

PRSA Surgeries Move Online

The PRSA team are part of the Records and Archives Engagement Branch at National Records of Scotland, responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Public Records Scotland Act (2011) (PRSA). The Act requires named Scottish public authorities to submit a Records Management Plan (RMP) for the Keeper’s agreement, which must then be implemented and regularly … Continue reading PRSA Surgeries Move Online

What’s in an archive?

For this year’s Explore Your Archive (#EYA, #exploreyourarchive) campaign, Outreach archivist Jocelyn Grant explains what an archive is, what makes them unique, and explains some of the terms and techniques archivists use to make records accessible... “The outstanding feature of the Archive, putting this also at its simplest, it… by its nature… represents some measure … Continue reading What’s in an archive?

The “Radical Rising” of 1820

The “Radical War” or “Radical Rising” of 1820, also known as the Scottish Insurrection of 1820, was a week of strikes and unrest in Scotland that culminated in the trial of a number of ‘radicals’ for treason. National Records of Scotland (NRS) holds the trial records and to mark the 200th anniversary of this event, … Continue reading The “Radical Rising” of 1820

Doors Open Days: The Court Doodler

As part of the first ever digital Doors Open Days, archivist Dr Alison Rosie looks at ink sketches of national symbols found in an Exchequer record from the 1530s and explains their significance... Household Book of James V: E31/6 The accounts of King James V’s pantry, kitchen, buttery and cellars for the years 1525-1539 survive … Continue reading Doors Open Days: The Court Doodler

Doors Open Days

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Doors Open Days, Scotland’s largest free festival and celebration of architecture, culture and heritage. NRS archivist Tessa Spencer explains the background to this festival in Scotland and our involvement, as well as a brief history of our oldest buildings and highlights taking part in the first ever digital DOD. … Continue reading Doors Open Days

Prisoners or Patients? The Story of Margaret Hunter or Beaton

Prisons have a much higher proportion of men and women with mental disorders than the general population. This was also true in Victorian times, when ‘the liability of the criminal classes to an excess of insanity is very great, and much beyond that of the free population of the country’. At this time, The Prisons … Continue reading Prisoners or Patients? The Story of Margaret Hunter or Beaton

Locked Down: The Inveraray Jail album

NRS Conservator Jacqueline Thorburn is one of the team responsible for conserving items held within the NRS archives. Here, she tells us about a fascinating artefact of Victorian Scotland that she has worked on – a small book containing details and photographs of inmates of Inverarary Jail… Front cover and title page, before treatment This … Continue reading Locked Down: The Inveraray Jail album